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Browser Requirements

  • Certificates
    • You must accept a valid State of Wisconsin certificate.
    • To check the certificate sender and certificate date:
      Internet Explorer (IE) Security Alert
      Netscape Navigator (Navigator) New Site Certificate
    • Check the Belongs To/Issued To information and the valid dates of the certificate.
  • Session Cookies
    • You must accept session cookies
    • To check your browser setting:
      For Internet Explorer (IE), choose Tools>Internet Options from the menu bar, select the Security tab, and assuming the Internet zone is selected, click Custom Level to display the Security Settings dialog box.  The setting list contains a section labeled Cookies.  Under "Allow per-session cookies (not stored)". Enabled or Prompt must be selected.
      For Netscape Navigator (Navigator), choose Edit>Preferences from the menu bar and then click Advanced.  In the section labeled Cookies, either the Accept all or Accept only cookies option must be selected.
  • Proxy Servers
    • Your proxy server must pass cookies to the your browser
    • To check your browser setting:
      For IE, choose Tools>Internet Options from the menu bar, select the Connection tab.
      For Navigator, choose Edit>Preferences from the menu bar, then click Advanced>Proxies.
  • If you connect to the Internet by a proxy server, contact your network administrator or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to ensure that cookies are not filtered out at the proxy.  If they are, you will not be able to access some State Web applications.
  • Java Script
    Your browser must support Web pages containing Java Script.
  • Pop-up Windows
    Pop-up Windows are used for documentation and confirmation of data entered.

Other Requirements

  • Unique e-mail account
    Each user account must have a unique e-mail address.  Members of the same family cannot use the same e-mail address.  The e-mail must be accessible both for activating your Wisconsin User ID account with Self-Registration and for running Account Recovery if you forget your User ID or Password.
  • Prior authorization
    By acquiring an account (user ID and password), you will have accomplished the first of two steps in order to access some of our secured sites.  The second step is receiving authorization or permission to access those particular sites and having that authorization recorded on your account.  You must contact the application owner (e.g., sponsoring Agency or Program) to request access prior to logging in to the application with your Wisconsin User ID and Password.  Some sites will allow you to perform this second step in a kind of "self-electing" or "opt-in" process. However, the administrators responsible for most of these sites will need to be contacted and you will need to provide your name and email address to them.  If you meet the requirements for using those sites, the administrator will find your account using the name and email address you provided and record the authorization on your account.  Only when this authorization step is completed will your account be granted access to a secured web application.


  • The applications documented here create many of the pages you see. They are dynamic pages that are customized for you at the time you request them.  Many Web browsers store pages that you have already visited in case you request those pages again by using the Forward or Back button.  You should not use the browser's Forward and Back buttons to navigate.  Instead, you should use the links provided within the application to navigate.

Wisconsin Web Access Management System